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Weight Room 101

Introduction to Weight Lifting

DATE: Jan-May

(Friday Nights)

TIME: 6:30-7:30p


Weightlifting is a very important part of male and female sports. Lifting properly is the most important yet overlooked part of weight training. 

Weight Room 101 provides an introduction to weightlifting. Our athletes will gain proper lifting techniques in a slowed down safe lifting environment. Weights are appropriated to our young lifter's body types as they are educated on the proper way to lift so that they can increase their gains as well increase their ability to stay healthy. 



  • 6th - 9th grade

  • Boys and Girls


  • Controlled lifting environment

  • Proper lifting technique

  • Safe lifting environment

  • Controlled weights 

  • Injury prevention through safe lifting techniques

  • Gains in size, strength and confidence

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