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5on5 National Team

5 v 5 National Travel Team |  Nationally Ranked


Our 5 v 5 team is more than a team it is a complete PROGRAM. Our coaches are dedicated to teaching proper technique and fundamentals that don't only help win a tournament, but also translates to real football when the pads come on. Our linemen partake in a rigorous 6 month journey of training physically and mentally to enhance their skillsets. Our rosters are filled with the top players in the state of Washington! This program is designed for the most competitive Linemen who seek to compete, win, and develop against other top players around the country during the offseason. Every year our teams start off with unknown players who turn into household names nationally. The separation in our players during the season is a direct result of the work they put in during the offseason.

HEIR Football is comprised of invite only national travel teams:

HEIR Black: Premier high school team

HEIR Gold: Premier high school team

HEIR 15u: Premier freshman school team

HEIR 14u: Premier middle school team

HEIR 12U: Premier 5th/6th grade team

HEIR 10u: Premier 3rd/4th grade team

Unlike other programs; we highly encourage our athletes to do multiple sports. 5 v 5  is not the only thing a linemen should do during the offseason. However, if they are serious about developing at this sport then 5 v 5 along with our offseason program should be apart of their  offseason development plans.


There are many 5 v 5 teams, but there are very few nationally ranked and respected programs. We are the premier team in the Northwest and continue to provide our athletes with the national attention and opportunities they desire.


If you feel that you have the ability to compete on our team; please contact us to schedule a private tryout.

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